Acoustic Guitar Repair

From our Dublin base we cover all aspects of acoustic guitar repair, setup and luthier work ranging from the simplest to the most complex jobs. All repair work and setups are carried out by an experienced luthier with the greatest care and attention to detail. Contact us for a free estimate or simply call out to our Dublin guitar workshop.

Sound Factory Dublin

Acoustic Guitar Repair services include;

Full Setup;      -

Full guitar setup includes restring, saddle height and radius adjustment, saddle intonation adjustment, truss  rod adjustment, nut height adjustment and lubrication, cleaning of body and machine  heads, conditioning  and oiling of fret board, fret polishing/buffing, full service of  electronics(for electro acoustics).

Fret Work;

-Full re-fret, available on bound or unbound necks

-Partial guitar re-fret

-Fret levelling/dressing

-Rounding /repair to rough or loose fret ends


-Broken headstock repair

-Guitar body Repair

-Crack repair

-Bridge reglue

-Brace and bridge plate repairs

-Cavity routing

-Binding repair


-Electronic repair and troubleshooting

-Electronic service and setup

-Pickup installation and setup

-Routing bridge and body for pick up installation


-Full guitar re-finish

-Guitar finish touch ups

-Dent filling


-Complete guitar luthier services

-Replacement hand cut bone nuts and    

saddles(graphite and Tusq also available)

-Machine head replacement/repair and setup

-Pearl inlay replacement


and more....

Acoustic Guitar Repair Dublin Gibson Guitar Repair Gibson Guitar Repair Dublin DSCF3082 DSCF3085 DSCF3107 DSCF3127 DSCF3124 DSCF3131

Antique guitar handmade by an Italian Luthier c.1920 Restoration, setup and repair

Gibson J45 structural repair