By davidtravers, Apr 28 2016 11:57AM

Using 17 spool clamps I reglued and repaired this Martin OMCX1KE acoustic guitar. The top had split completely from the side and needed to have all the old glue removed before being reglued, clamped and then refinished.

By davidtravers, Apr 22 2016 11:40AM

This Fender Strat left the factory with no electronic shielding to protect the internal wiring from external EMI/RFI electronic interference. After fully dismantling the guitar I taped off the finish allowing me to spray nickel screening compound in the pickup and control cavities.This along with the shielded scratch plate makes a fully earthed enclosure around the electronics and cleans up noise issues. The improvement in the clarity of the sound is always only slight but definitely worth the difference.

By davidtravers, Mar 25 2016 01:21PM

A partial refret is a great way to cut down on the cost of refretting a guitar. It works best on acoustics as the fret wear is normally worst on the first few frets and is often the difference between a guitar being unplayable or being as good as new again! Here I've replaced the first 7 frets on a Taylor 210ce using identical frets to the originals.

By davidtravers, Mar 10 2016 10:55AM

I don't normally work on guitar pedals but this is one of my favourite mods so I just couldn't say no to doing it! I modded this Tube Screamer to have an extra boost channel for lead controlled by a stomp switch above the regular footswitch. I then fitted a bass boost switch to add some much needed bass to the pedal whilst still being able to swap back to the factory tone with the flick of a switch.