By davidtravers, Feb 29 2016 04:34PM

Here I'm assembling and fitting all parts and hardware to a Fender Strat guitar neck and body which was hand painted by an artist.

By davidtravers, Feb 24 2016 11:28PM

I fully stripped the polyester lacquer off this Fender Telecaster guitar before respraying with top quality nitrocellulose lacquer in olympic white. The nitro finish improves guitar tone by letting the wood breath and gives a real authentic vintage look and feel.

By davidtravers, Feb 9 2016 10:39PM

My customer bought this Fender 5 String Jazz Bass already damaged by the previous owner who must have used a metric hex key instead of the correct 3/16'' imperial key. The truss rod nut was so badly damaged that it couldn't be adjusted anymore and had to be completely removed, first by widening the slot, then carefully extracting the damaged nut and finally replacing it with a new Fender truss rod nut.

By davidtravers, Aug 25 2015 09:58PM

This rare vintage Simms Watts guitar amp came in to the repair shop lifeless with a bad burning smell! It turned out a few components had past their normal life expectancy by at least 30years! After replacement parts were fitted the amp was back to it's former glory with a great full, warm vintage tone.