Electric Guitar Mods

Aside from general luthier work, guitar repairs and setup we also modify, customise and upgrade guitars to meet individual needs. If you have any special requests not listed here just contact us in our Dublin guitar  workshop and we'll let you know if it's possible.

Sound Factory Dublin

Electric Guitar Modifications Dublin Guitar Mods Dublin Electric Guitar Mods

Trble Bleed, Cap Upgrade,

Push-Pull Coil Tap Mods

Full scalloping of Fender neck

Custom ultra bright LED circuit

    installed in Fender Strat

Guitar mods include;

Kill switch;

Gilmour Mod;

Pick up mods;

4-way switching;

Treble Bleed;

Cap upgrade;

Black Ice;

On board FX;

Locking nut;


Clapton mod;

50s Vintage :

Tone Scoop;

Scalloped neck;

On/off mute switch(Tom Morello, Bucket Head)

Srat mod, switch to activate bridge and neck pick-ups simultaneously

Push-pull coil taps, phase switching, series/parallel switching.

Tele mod, allowing parallel or series combinations of pickups

Strat mod to volume pot compensating for loss of treble as volume is lowered

Upgrading capacitors on tone pots making them usable without sucking tone

Fitting passive circuit in place of tone pot as an onboard gain/crunch pot

Off the shelf FX(Boss, MXR etc..) dismantled and fitted inside the guitar

Fitted to strats to prevent tuning problems using the tremolo

Made by Hipshot returns the tremolo to a zero position after use

Strat mod, blocking tremolo with hand cut hardwood block for extra sustain

Rewiring Les Paul/SG/ES335 to Gibson 50s spec for vintage tone

Rotary 6 way varitone switch in place of tone pot  with preset depth scooping

Full or partial scalloping of fret board(Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore)

DSCF1409 Electric Guitar modifications Electric Guitar Mods Dublin

Fernandes Sustainer pickup

fitted with controls on body

Kill Switch, Gilmour Mod,

Coil Tap Switch fitted

Locking Nut fitted to Strat