Electric Guitar Repair

From our Dublin  guitar lab we repair, restore and setup all makes and models of electric guitars paying great attention to detail, bringing out the very best in each guitar so that it plays, sounds, feels and looks just like it should. All our guitar luthier work is guaranteed and carried out with careful precision to the highest standards of accuracy and workmanship. Estimates are free and can be given via email, telephone or across the counter in our Dublin workshop.

Sound Factory Dublin

Electric guitar repair services include;

Full Setup;      -

Full guitar guitar setup includes restring, string action height adjustment, truss rod adjustment,  bridge/saddle and  string radius adjustment, intonation, nut height adjustment and lubrication, tremolo set  up, cleaning of body and hardware, conditioning  and oiling of fret board, fret  polishing/buffing, full service of electronics, tightening of hardware  and screws.


-Electronic guitar repair and troubleshooting

-Electronic service and setup

-Pickup installation, setup and cavity routing

-Pickup repair, rewinding and wax potting

-Electronic component upgrades

-Guitar body cavity shielding

-Custom rewiring


Fret Work;

-Full guitar re-fret, available on maple, rosewood,

and ebony bound or unbound necks

-Partial guitar re-fret

-Fret levelling/dressing

-Rounding /repair to rough or loose fret ends


-Broken headstock and neck repair

-Guitar body repair

-Cavity routing

-Binding repair

-Resetting neck angle



-Full guitar re-finish

-Touch ups

-Dent filling

-Relic Job

-Full guitar luthier services

-Replacement hand cut nuts (bone,graphite,Tusq)

-Saddle/bridge replacement/upgrade

-Locking nuts fitted

-Machine head replacement/repair

-Pearl inlay replacement



and more....

Dublin Guitar Repair Electric Guitar Repair Dublin Neck Repair Dublin Neck Repair Fender Guitar Repair Dublin Fender Guitar Repair

Fender Strat, Floyde Rose,

DiMarzio pick-ups installed

Gibson SG, internal cavities

sheilded with conductive paint

Gibson Les Paul headstock repair